Digestive system

The digestive system is a group of organs that help digest the food that you eat as it goes through the digestive system and then it turn the waste into faecies and urine.


The teeth chew the food as you eat it. The tongue tastes the food and also help swallow it and the saliva softens it up. Then the tongue helps to swallow it,then it goes into the throat and the

Oesophugus pushes the food down into the stomach.



The stomach digests the food and also the pancreas helps the stomach digest the food for a couple of hours And then food turns into liquid



The liver  turn bad food into waste and turns into faeces or/and. the good food goes into your bloodstream and gets used.

Then the food goes into your small intestine and digests the food again and the large intestine

Does the same thing and your food turn into faeces or/and uran and then it goes into your

Anus and this is when you need to go to the toilet.


By Iris


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  1. Hi Iris,
    I love your blog post. It’s so interesting how you explained it.
    Do you like the Digestive system?
    From Kalani

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