Our excursion to the Botanical Gardens and Federation square!

I couldn’t wait for our next excursion! so when we got to school we took the roll and hopped on the bus! I did not have anyone to sit with but at least I got to sit next to the window! so when we arrived to the botanical gardens we ate our morning tea then we walked to a house to put our bags there so we did not have to carry it around all day.


so first there was a lady who kindly walked us up to a garden. this man told us to grab clapping sticks and  we had an amazing fire celebration! so then we broke up into two groups and we did some weaving with then strings. then the lady told us some interesting facts about trees and plants!

we did some painting made out of mud rock! (I don’t think that is the name though) so we ate lunch and hopped back on the bus to federation square! so we arrived at this aboriginal museum.

WE learnt really interesting facts but most of them were the same facts from the botanical gardens.

we went home on the train it was really fun, and the rest of the class went home on the bus.

this excursion was really fun!!

By Iris

3 thoughts on “Our excursion to the Botanical Gardens and Federation square!

    1. Hi Leo!
      My Favourite part was when we had that welcoming ceremony at the botanic gardens!!
      And when I got to go home on the train!
      Kind Regards Iris

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